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Collar assembly of your images

Collar mounting is a perfect way to present clothes beautifully online. A mannequin, a mannequin, is often used in shops and showrooms when selling clothes. The mannequin gives the clothes a natural shape in the shop, but also on pictures. However, it is not very neat if you don't have the mannequin on webshops yet. With collar mounting we remove the mannequin by means of Photoshop. This way you get the perfect look of your clothes, without a mannequin, on a photo. What more could you want? The shape is now perfect in appearance, only certain parts of the clothing will not be visible by the mannequin. Depending on the type of garment, certain parts may not be visible. For example, the collar, inside of a jacket, a sleeve etc. Of course we have a solution for this as well. Take a picture of the garment without a mannequin in advance. The missing parts will be 'photoshopped' just as easily in the new photo. This is in fact the piece on which we do collar mounting. We literally assemble the missing collar back into the photo. In addition to collar mounting, this will also be called invisible mannequin or ghost mannequin.

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Why do we call it collar mounting?

Collar mounting does not fully cover the load of the work carried out in Photoshop. As we explained above, not only is the collar mounted back into the garment, but often the inside of the garment, the bottom section and other details need to be mounted on the photo. For this reason it is often called invisible mannequin, invisible men or ghost mannequin. We make sure that the mannequin (mannequin) becomes invisible with the parts behind it just becoming visible. Collar mounting is therefore a small part of the process.

DropYourImage and collar mounting

DropYourImage has a team specialised in collar assembly. In recent years, this team has carried out the most diverse work for collar mounting. Therefore do not hesitate to send us your product pictures. No challenge is too big for us. With our own online configurator you can easily upload your photos of which you would like to have the collar assembly carried out. Simply tick your wishes, we will do the rest.

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