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Cutting out a photo, sounds very simple, can be quite tricky. If you have to cut out a square block it is of course a lot easier than if you have to cut out a bike with spokes. This can cause a lot of frustration, takes a lot of time and the chance that it will be cut neatly is minimal. In short, cutting out a picture or a photo can be quite difficult. When we cut a photo, we actually make sure that the photo is detached from the background. Both the background and the cut out photo can be edited according to your wishes.

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Photo cutting, what do you use this for?

Cropped photos are used for different purposes. Webshops do no different. They know better than anyone that good images can make or break sales. Therefore, if you have a webshop, make sure that your photos are always cropped with a white or transparent background. You will see that sales will increase. Of course photo cropping is not only used for webshops. Also for, among other things; web design, print layout, catalog design, team photos to be placed on the 'about us' page of the website and so on. If you want to boost the look and feel of your company online and offline, start with photo cutting today.

Photo cutting, what do we do

DropYourImage specializes in photo cutting. Our staff has years of experience in cutting and cropping photos and images. With an eye for detail and a sympathetic attitude, we ensure every time an amazing result when it comes to cutting photos. Do you have large numbers of photos, extremely complex photos or is it just two photos? It doesn't matter DropYourImage, from small to large, we love to help you with photo cutting. To make it even easier for you, we have developed a configurator especially for customers where you can easily upload the photos and indicate your wishes by means of a step-by-step plan. In this way you will also immediately see the possibilities that DropYourImage offers for editing your photos.

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